Wedding Audio and Lighting

Are you having a wedding? We can supply audio, lighting and vision equipment which can transform your wedding into a night that everyone will remember for the right reasons. Experience has shown us that lighting and sound can make a large impact on the atmosphere, reception and experience of your wedding. For instance, if it is too bright it is hard for guests to get in the mood, whereas if it is too dark people won’t be able to see. We can get the right balance

Further, when it comes to sound we know that there is nothing more frustrating than when speeches cannot be heard or the MC’s instructions are unclear. We make sure that everyone will hear what is happening over your guests chatter and music. We also take the time to test the microphones and equipment with you before the event starts, to make sure that the settings are correct no matter what language you are speaking in.
We also offer fog machine hire in order to make your first dance more magical. As we are in touch with many people within the wedding industry, do not hesitate to ask us for recommendations regarding a good Master of Ceremonies, a live band or a photographer. Click here to meet some of our associates. If you would like our assistance in making your wedding a day to remember, you can contact us here.