Equipment Hire

We provide lighting and audio systems for live bands to help them rock the night away without any mishaps, we help you get your sales pitch heard throughout the entire room and we make your first dance a magical moment you’ll never forget. You don’t have to do it yourself, we can set everything up and make sure it runs perfectly, then pack it away when the night is over.
To help make your night run smoother, we have compiled a comprehensive list of equipment available for hire for audio technicians, wedding planners, event coordinators and independent function venues:

We can satisfy all your audio and lighting equipment needs to make your next event a success.

David Da Fonseca Mixing Jhoanna Aguila at Pyrmont Bridge Hotel


  • Digital Yamaha LS-9 16 channel
  • Digital Multicore SB168-ES
  • Analogue Allen & Heath ZED 10


  • Lexicon MX300 Stereo Reverb Effects Processor
  • dbx 1046 Quad Compressor/Limiter

Speaker Cabinets

  • Acoustic Technologies Firebird Composite Line Array
  • Acoustic Technologies Blackbird TLA 1163 SSS
  • Acoustic Technologies SCX24A
  • Acoustic Techologies BB03.5A


  • Foldback Monitors SFM09A
  • Drum Fill SFM215A
  • Floor Monitors SCX24A


  • SM 58
  • SM 57
  • SM 137
  • AKG GN155 set gooseneck mic
  • AKG CK 31 capsule
  • AKG CK 33 capsule
  • Sennheiser e904
  • Sennheiser e906
  • Sennheiser e935
  • Audix D6
  • Audix OM5
  • Beta 91A
  • PG 81
  • PG 56
  • PG 52

Wireless Microphones

  • ULXD4 receivers
  • SM58 ULXD2
  • Belt Pack w/ Lapel Microphone ULXD1

DI Boxes

  • Radial Engineering JDI Passive Direct Box
  • Radial Engineering J48 Active Direct Box
  • Radial  JDX 48 Guitar Amp Direct Box
  • Radial USB Pro


  • Tascam CD-01U Rackmounted CD Player


  • Jands Stage CL LED console
  • Jands 4PAK-D dimmer console
  • Pro Shop LED PARCAN’s RGBW
  • Pro Shop LED Trussmate II RGB
  • Silver Star LED Profile RGBW
  • Silver Star LED Profile Warm White
  • Incandescant Festoon Party Lights

Wireless DMX

  • Wireless Solutions Blackbox G4S W-DMX


  • Optekneik 120 inch rear project screen
  • 32″ Panasonic LED screen
  • 55″ Panasonic LED screen
  • HDMI 4×2 True Matrix Switch & Audio Splitter
  • Skeleton Stand by Big City


  • Lectrum L20S

Power Distribution

  • LSC DT6/20A
  • 14kVA Diesel Generator

Low Lying Fog

  • Chauvet Nimbus


  • Ampeg SVT-610HLF Bass Enclosure